1. Programme

The conference organisers are Dr Daniel Starza Smith (Lincoln College, Oxford) and Dr Nadine Akkerman (Leiden/NIAS). Please send expressions of interest to daniel.smith@ell.ox.ac.uk.

The conference has received generous support from the Society for Renaissance Studies, the Royal Historical Society, and the Royal Musical Association.

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DRAFT PROGRAMME (may be subject to change)


9.00 Coffee / Registration

9.30-10.30 Keynote 1 Professor Linda Levy Peck

10.30-11.30 Session 1
Dr Sebastiaan Verweij (Bristol) – Francis Russell, the Countess of Bedford, and the Books and Manuscripts at Woburn Abbey
Dr Marion O’Connor (Kent) – Death and the Maiden


Estates and gardens
11.45–12-45 Session 2
Dr Sally Jeffery – Lady Bedford and Gardens
Mr Kader Hegedüs (Lausanne) – ‘A thick, close bud display’: Lady Bedford, Patronage, and the Poetics of Gardens

Lunch 12.45-1.30

Portrayals and performances
1.30–3.30 Session 3
Professor Karen Hearn (UCL) – ‘Though I be but a late beginner, I have [a] pretty store of choise peeses’: Lady Bedford and Material Culture
Ms Angela Benza (Geneva) – ‘I meant to make her fair, and free, and wise’: Representations of Lucy Harington Russell, Countess of Bedford, as Performances

Dr Alison Bumke (Cambridge) – Currency and Cures: Alchemical Imagery in Donne’s Verse Letters to the Countess of Bedford
Professor Barbara Ravelhofer (Durham) – The practicalities of the Stuart masque: an introduction to our Masque of Queens performance

3.30-4.30 – free time.
Options to see see Jonson and Shakespeare exhibitions at the Bodleian.

4.30 – Walking parties from Lincoln to New College

5-6.30 – Performance of Ben Jonson and Inigo Jones’s Masque of Queens in New College Chapel. Director: Dr Emma Whipday

7pm    Dinner in Lincoln hall

8.30    Pub


Bedford and Donne, Agency and Authorship
9–10.30am Session 5
Professor Margaret Maurer (Colgate) – Parallel Correspondences: Bedford/Cornwallis and Donne/Goodere
Dr Erin McCarthy (Galway) – Reception, Reputation, and Lady Bedford’s ‘Death be not proud’
Professor Michelle O’Callaghan (Reading) – ‘Coterie’ Compositions: Lucy, Countess of Bedford and ‘Death be not proud’

10.30–10.45 break

Bedford and the poets
10.45–12.45 Session 6
Dr Chris Stamatakis (UCL) – ‘The square of Italie’: Samuel Daniel’s verse epistle to Lady Bedford
Professor John Pitcher (Oxford) – Lady Bedford and Samuel Daniel’s Italian project

Professor Marion Wynne-Davies (Surrey) – ‘Her perfections were stiled masculine’: Lucy Harrington Russell, Countess of Bedford in the writings of Mary Wroth
Dr Jakub Boguszak (Oxford) – Searching for the Countess of Bedford on the Early Modern Stage

12.45 LUNCH

Translation, religion, and music
2–4 Session 7
Professor Julie Crawford (Columbia) – ‘All fell not in Pharsalias field’: the Countess of Bedford and the Historical Epic
Dr Sophie Butler (Oxford) – ‘Most-Most Honored Ladies’: Lady Bedford, John Florio, and Women’s Roles in the Development of the Early Modern English Essay

Dr Katherine Butler (Oxford) – Lucy Countess of Bedford as a Musician and Musical Patron
Rev. Dr Erica Longfellow (New College) – Religious patronage and soft power among the Jacobean elite

4 tea

Theorizing patronage
4.15–5.15 Session 8
Professor Cedric Brown (Reading) – How far can one generalise from John Donne’s idiosyncratic poetic addresses to Lucy Bedford?
Professor Jane Stevenson (Aberdeen) – Women of Quality

5.30 Keynote 2 – Professor Merry Wiesner-Hanks


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