Speaker update

We’re thrilled to announce the following speakers confirmed for the Lady Bedford conference taking place 11–12 August at Lincoln College. For scholars of this important patron it’s truly a dream line-up. More announcements to come soon.

Ms Angela Benza (Geneva) – Portraits as performances
Dr Jakub Boguszak (Oxford) – Representations of real women in Jonson’s plays
Professor Cedric Brown (Reading) – Lady Bedford and instrumental friendship
Dr Alison Bumke (Cambridge) – Lady Bedford and the body
Dr Katherine Butler (Oxford) – Women’s patronage of music
Dr Sophie Butler (Oxford) – Lady Bedford, Florio, and women’s patronage of essays
Professor Julie Crawford (Columbia) – Lady Bedford and Lucan’s Pharsalia
Professor Karen Hearn (UCL) – Artistic representations of Lady Bedford
Mr Kader Hegedüs (Lausanne) – Twickenham Garden as literal and poetic space
Dr Sally Jeffery – Lady Bedford and gardens
Rev. Dr Erica Longfellow (New College) – Lady Bedford and religious patronage
Dr Erin McCarthy (Galway) – Women’s poetry and manuscript culture
Professor Margaret Maurer (Colgate) – Lady Bedford and Donne’s Letters
Professor Michelle O’Callaghan (Reading) – Lady Bedford as poet
Dr Marion O’Connor (Kent) – Lady Bedford and marriage negotiations
Dr Michael Pearce (National Museums of Scotland) – Scottish echoes
Professor John Pitcher (Oxford) – Daniel’s italianate visions
Professor Barbara Ravelhofer (Durham) – Stuart masque culture
Dr Chris Stamatakis (UCL) – Daniel’s poems to Lady Bedford
Professor Jane Stevenson (Aberdeen) – Early modern women’s patronage and class
Dr Sebastiaan Verweij (Bristol) – New Russell family documents at Woburn Abbey
Professor Marion Wynne-Davies (Surrey) – Lady Bedford and Wroth